Who we are

We are a virtual management company with vast experience in the IT world and 50 years of combined experience in the music industry. All of our business/management plans are backed up by our music assessment program.

This type of business could not have existed in the music industry previously but with rapidly advancing trends in technology we are able to deliver a strong virtual management program for each and every one of our subscribers. We pick up the slack, do the work that you would expect of a strong management team and deliver a program unique to each and every one of our artists. You now have a team in your corner providing knowledge, best practices, support and career changing advice that will take years off of your learning cycle.

You call the shots, when to start, when to stop and based on our assessment and monthly stats reporting we can help you determine the focus of our management team to support you for an affordable monthly fee. You need to look no further for management help and organisation. No binding, lengthy legal agreements to worry about, no percentages to consider. Just hard work with a results driven team….

Why we started this business

We started this business to give indie music artists an affordable way to break into the music industry.

When we say: "connecting very important people to music" we are talking about you the artist to both the industry and your audience. We provide monthly management services to our artist subscribers using best practice standards every step of the way.

Ours is a unique concept in the industry. Further levelling the playing field for Indie artists of all genres and levels. Strengthened by the power of our network (much like a major label). Our Virtual Managers provide a full suite of services to artists on a mass scale at an affordable cost previously unattainable to most independent artists. Our unique program drastically shortens the learning cycle for artists at all levels of their career.

This knowledge base and suite of services has been typically only available to those connected with major labels, signed artists and their managers. Business models where artists are tied up contractually for years with everything being billed back to an artist as recoupable expenses against revenue generated by the Artists creativity. Avoid the pitfalls of being picked up by a manager early in your career and having that manager sit and wait for something to happen without any real commitment to your project.