More and more we think musicians should be focused on Creativity and not held back by the burden of learning the business all by themselves!
This is why we have created the Artist Career Guide in hopes to make that process as quick and painless as possible. Learn the ropes of the music industry without having to run through trial and error for months or years.
After reading our guide become part of our helpful and supportive community, or hire us to take care of your day to day management, social media updates or other mundane tasks that leave you little to no time to invest in whats important, the music!

How you benefit

Now for the first time we can offer this knowledge base, best practices and suite of services to artists giving you the tools to succeed in an ever changing industry. It’s hard enough for artists to keep up with the day to day in their lives without the added business of learning to navigate the music industry on top of it all. Artists are creative people and frequently this creativity is stifled by the business side of things.

When asked: “what is it that would help most with your career” Artists answer “I am looking for a manager”