Q.  How do I sign up for Virtual Manager, Social Media Package, or Third Party Services?

A. You can either call us at: 1-800-506-1051 or email us at: support@musicvipconnect.net for more information and pricing on those products. to sign up and pay immediately call our live agent located on the bottom right of the screen.

Q. How do I take the artist career assessment?

A. click here, after filling out and submitting the form you will be prompted to pay and will receive your report as soon as its done processing

Q. Its been a day and I still haven't received my product via email!

A. each report takes time, effort, and care to fulfill. we likely have a high volume of orders processing. please give our agents up to 72 hours in the most severe of cases to finish the assessment and process the report. 

we value your business and strive for customer satisfaction. if anything you are unsure about was not answered above please "submit ticket" bellow and let us know how we can help!